Choose Organic! Cotton

A couple weeks ago, what started as a few lockdown doodles ended in a decision to Choose Organic! I added 100% certified organic cotton T-shirts to Hautebizz.com’s offerings because organic cotton is better for the environment, and Earth is the only home we have – right now.

“What we wear affects what we eat, the air we breathe and how we treat each other.”

This move towards eco-consciousness was definitely in response to COVID-19. Just like many of you in lockdown, confinement brought one particular revelation to front-of-mind. This global quarantine is allowing the earth to noticeably heal as a result of reduced pollution. Organic cotton farming has also been found to significantly reduce pollution while measurably benefitting the environment when compared with conventional cotton farming and processing methods.

The connection between cotton and our food is not something we often think about and even less so the interconnection between it, our water, air, and human rights. While I was going down the rabbit hole of Organic Living, I landed on a blog post by Rodale Institute. It confirmed, “What we wear affects the foods we consume, the air we breathe and how we treat each other.”
Here are some more stats to ruminate over> “Air pollution exceeds malaria as a global cause of premature death by a factor of 19, violence by a factor of 16, HIV/AIDS by a factor of 9, alcoholism by a factor of 45, and drug abuse by a factor of 60.” If I were to venture a guess, the reduction of pollution will have a direct effect on our life expectancy.

Yes, the peace of mind that comes from knowing that our water, food, and air are protected from disease-causing toxins is priceless, but if you want to make real environmental change happen, you have to become an Activist and deliberately (actively) put your money where your mouth is. The next time you reach for a T-shirt or a bag of rice or a box of cereal, check the label… because there are more than 7 billion reasons to “Choose Organic” cotton… but you only need one.

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