WOW! That’s a great idea for a T-shirt design!

How many times have you thought to yourself “WOW! That’s a great idea for a T-shirt design!” buuuut your excitement stopped there because it’s a pain in the 🍑 to find a graphic artist to recreate and separate your design for screen printing.

And then you found out that it’s super expensive to print just (1) one T-shirt, so you might as well print (10) ten to lower the unit cost…Ok 🛑

I have good news for you! In just three steps, you can print YOUR DESIGN on (1) one T-shirt without breaking the bank.

1️⃣  SELECT your favorite T-shirt Brand, Color, and Size.

2️⃣  TAP the (Personalize Design) GREEN BUTTON then “Upload” to locate your saved design.

3️⃣  ADD TO CART to complete your order.


For best results:

Prepare your design for “Upload” by sizing it so that it fits inside the printable area:

• 9.5″ width X 9.5″ height for Tote Bags.

• 12” width X 16” height for T-shirts, Tank tops, and Sweatshirts.

• 14” width X 14” height for Hoodies.

Save your design file in RGB color mode at 150 to 300 dpi as a PNG (if your design has no background and you want the final print to reflect that) or JPEG (for everything else).


If your design does not fill the (9.5”x9.5” or 12”x16″ or 14”x14″) printable area – before uploading your file – position your artwork in your preferred spot within the (9.5”x9.5” or 12”x16″ or 14”x14″) boundaries of the printable area. Retain the (9.5”x9.5” or 12”x16″ or 14”x14″) file dimensions and save.

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