T-Shirt Template

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Print file preparation guidelines for 12″ x 16″ T-Shirt print:

RESOLUTION: Graphics should be at least 150 dpi

COLOUR: All colours should be in sRGB.

FILE FORMAT: Please submit your files in .PNG or .JPEG format.

PLACEMENT: If your design does not fill the 12”x 16″ printable area – before uploading your file – position your artwork in your preferred spot within the 12”x 16″ boundaries of the printable area. Retain the 12”x 16″ file dimensions and save.

*HOODIES: For best results, hoodie artwork should be 14”x 14″.

1) CREATE new document sized to Width: 12” x Height: 16”

• Make sure Raster effects are set to 150dpi or higher.

• Make sure the color space is set to sRGB.

2) PLACE raster graphics or create / copy & paste vector graphics within maximum graphic size area.

Pay attention to graphics resolution (see requirements above).

3) EMBED raster graphics.


1. Choose “File” – “Export”

2. Rename your file

3. Choose either .png or .jpeg as the file format

4. Click the “Use Artboards” checkbox

5. Click “Export”

6. Make sure your resolution is 150dpi or higher

7. Make sure the colour space is set to sRGB

8. Click “OK” to save file

1) OPEN the template provided for this product or CREATE new documents.

2) CREATE or copy / paste graphics within maximum graphic size area.

Pay attention to graphics resolution.


1. Turn off the guides by using the eye icon tool.

2. Choose File – Save As and Rename your file.

3. Save as .png or .jpeg