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Ugly Christmas sweaters are feeding the Ugly Christmas T-shirts Trend.

Can you believe how fast 2019 flew by? Before we know it we’ll be snacking on fruitcake and getting tipsy on eggnog while we hop from party to party – decked out in an Ugly Christmas Sweater or Tshirt.

Since grandma knitted the first snowball into a sweater for one of her grandchildren, right up to the night Jimmy Fallon modeled one of Whoopi Goldberg’s favorite holiday-themed sweaters from her 2016 Lord & Taylor Ugly Christmas Sweater line, the trend has evolved to the point of December 15th being declared “National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day”.

If you are more of a T-shirt (or sweatshirt) kinda gal or guy, why not start your own Ugly Christmas Tshirt Tradition.

This season, our Vexels Affiliate offers full access to all of their high quality Christmas graphics and designs to give you a jump start on creating an Ugly Christmas t-shirt (or sweatshirt) for your Christmas family photo, party-hopping attire or stocking stuffers.

Their designs are Merch-ready so all you have to do is upload them as-is to one of our Personalize It Tshirts or Design your own from scratch with their T-SHIRT MAKER APP (Follow the link then click the “Discover” button to locate the T-SHIRT MAKER APP).

The possibilities are as ugly or cute as you make them.

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